Inside Stories of Evil Imitation Meat Manufacturers

Evil Imitation Meat Caused a Thirty-Year Vegetarian Diagnosed with Symptoms of Mad Cow Disease

June 10th, 2004/ Special Report By Shi-Chai Chen in Taipei


In Pin-Dong, a mother of a Buddhist believer was diagnosed with symptoms of mad cow disease.  No one in the family believed the doctor because the mother has been vegetarian for about 20 to 30 years.  She does not touch meat!  Finally, they discovered that the problem is on the vegetarian ham she has been eating. said Dharma Master Chuan-Dao, who said he found too many inside stories of how imitation meat is produced today.  It is too much to tell.

Last year, Dharma Master Dao-Chuan had reported the problems to D.M. Shi Zhao-Hui in hope that what goes on behind the scenes are revealed.  It is not until today, the truth has finally been uncovered.

“The evil deeds going on in making the imitation meat are truly disgusting!”  Being reminded the problems of adding animal products in the imitation meat; D.M. Dao-Chuan could not help but put in his two cents.  He pointed out that there are many variations of evil vegetarian food.  Take ‘Stinky Tofu’ for an example (Stinky Tofu made in a traditional fermentation process would take months).  To be speedy, the manufacturer would soak tofu in strong acid, and then dip them in spoiled shrimp shells to let the worms move around the tofu for a day.  After that, the tofu is taken out for sell. 

Evil imitation meat heavy in flavors comes from lamb or fish.  The manufacture is fully aware of what they are doing is wrong but proceed with it anyway.  They believe the strong aroma and the trend of vegetarianism will bring them potential customers. A Bikhsuni in Luo-Jia, Taiwan, also has other proofs regarding what D.M. Dao-Chuan discovered.  Her son was working in an imitation meat factory and quitted not long after the first day of work.  When being asked, the son revealed that he could not stand how the vegetarian meat was made because the process was simply too evil.  The animal shaped vegetarian meat (such as imitation ham, fish, shrimp and so on) from various restaurants in the country today all have animal ingredients in them, especially vegetarian ham.  A lot of the pork or beef canned food are imported from the United States, Japan or Thailand.  When unloaded in Taiwan, the labels are torn and replaced with that of ‘Vegetarian Ham’.  By doing this, the price of the food flares up to $100 N.T. per Chinese pound (300 grams).  There are also cases where the manufacturers would marinate the real ham with beef or pork juice to make the aroma even stronger in order to sell their products.

2004-06-10 12:212 June 10th, 2004

70% Of The Imitation Meat Contains Animal Ingredients Causing The Vegetarians To Break Precepts!!!!

Vegetarians, Watch Out!!  Fifteen out of the thirty-one imitation meat inspected by the non-government Groups contains animal’s DNA; eating these products has caused the unaware vegetarians to break their precepts.  The government officials emphasize that the vegetarians should avoid buying bulk imitation meat that has none or unclear labels.  When proved, the evil vegetarian meat manufacturers will be fined up to 200,000 dollars and their permit could also be suspended.

The superb collections of imitation meat are actually the phony vegetarian food that contains animals DNA.  What is worst is that four out of the inspected products contain either pork or chicken.

The inspection results from the non-government group are even more shocking.  Out of the 21 samples of imitation meat, 70% of the products failed the examination.  This news panicked and horrified the vegetarians.  Putting aside the ingredients in the imitation meat, just the animal shapes and the looks of the products keep the vegetarians away.  As the vegetarian population increases in the country, people need to be more careful in choosing vegetarian food.  FDA recommends not buying imitation meat in bulk or those with none or unclear labels.  If manufacturers are involved in making phony imitation meat, they will be fined up to 200,000 dollars along with revoking of their permits.


15 out of 21 imitation meat contains pork, chicken and fish.

The Evil Behind the Imitation Meat!

The Life Protecting and Caring Association recently submitted 21 samples of imitation meat gathered from the traditional open market for inspection.  FDA astonishedly discovered that 15 out of the 21 samples contain animal ingredients.  The failing ratio is as high as 70%.   Being so flabbergasted, the government proactively samples more products from supermarkets and discovered that some of those samples are also mixed with animal products.  FDA had requested these samples be kept for further investigation and urged the consumers to buy vegetarian food with complete and clear packaging with explicit ingredient labels.

In the press conference, Jian-Ming Chen , Vice executive director of the Association and the candidate of Kao-Shung county representative, Jian-Mong Kuo pointed out that the imitation meat are so heavy in flavor that they suspect that the manufacturers added animal aromas in them.  These unethical manufacturers are totally oblivious of the rights of more than 2 million vegetarians in Taiwan.  A few days ago, 15 out of the 21 kinds of inspected imitation meat (they are so tasty that the stores on the Hu-lin and Wu-xing Street recommend them to vegetarians) all came out with traces of animal ingredients after laboratory tests.  These products are vegetarian meatballs, imitation fish balls, imitation fish cake, imitation fish dumplings and imitation tempuras.

FDA officials in Taiwan then proactively checked various supermarkets and open markets on the south and east side of the city.  They took 48 more samples, some of which are in bulk and others are packaged.  They found that most of the packages with clear ingredient labels and manufacturer’s contact information pass the inspection.  However, those in bulk are different.  Four out of the 15 contains pork and chicken.  Jian-Mong Juo said that even those that are packaged are not entirely safe, either.  Even the packages indicate the ingredients or the manufacturer information; some of the packaging is not the real original ones.  From this sample inspection, it reveals the serious issues of Evil Imitation Meat.  The government was asked to investigate further on evil manufacturers and litigate them with fraud and heavy fine.

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