Danger Signs during the Decline of Dharma



We are born during this Age of Decline of Dharma. The decline of Dharma means that Dharma has reached the ends of branch tips and about to die out. This is a time when the demons are strong while the Dharma is weak; evil is gaining while that which is proper is withering. This is why there are all kinds of deviant theories that appear very reasonable but when applied, could lead nations or humanity to their end.


Everyone understands the idea that infinite growth and change occur in the universe according to yin and yang, to that which is proper and evil. If we go against the principle of yin and yang, that which is proper and that which is evil, we will definitely walk down the road to extinction. The whole world is afraid of AIDS now. AIDS victims die because they had been promiscuous and did not go down the right track, they went against biology. They even advocate and promote their lifestyle everywhere they go so that they confuse people, so that people don’t know what human nature is and the difference between the proper and the deviant, between right and wrong. They even ask that their lifestyle become legal. If it were really to become legal, there would be no truth in the world! AIDS started because of homosexuality. The Book of Changes says, “One yin and one yang is the Tao; too much yin or too much yang is a sickness.” If there is day there is night; if there is good, there is evil; if there is opposition, there is compliance; and if there is heaven, there is earth. These phenomena are quite normal. “Men marry at the age thirty; women wed at the age of twenty.” These are normal relations. Relations between emperor and ministers, father and son, husband and wife, elders and youngsters, and between friends ought to be based on the eight virtues of filiality, brotherhood, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety, justness, incorruptibility, and a sense of shame. We should base ourselves on the eight virtues as people. Cohabitation between those of the same-sex contradicts natural human relations.


During the Age of Decline of Dharma, monsters, demons, and ghosts are coming into the world and openly promoting this idea, which shall lead to the extinction of the human race, the death of nations. If everyone were homosexuals, our nations would be devoid of people; with no people, there would be no human population in the world. Human beings are poisoning themselves and being the cause of extinction for themselves and their countries. This is why AIDS is around. Up until now, no cure has yet been found. This illness makes people lose their immunity so that they die immediately when foreign and malevolent viruses enter the body. The cause of this disease is homosexuality. Poison is attacking poison, so a sickness more severe than atom bombs is created. I’ll tell you, I don’t care that monsters, ghosts, and demons will be unhappy when they hear this, I still have to say it: this is a time of major catastrophes and grave dangers. We must make this clear. We must unite as we recite Gwan Shi Yin Bodhisattva’s name to revert the tide of huge disasters. “Anger engenders happiness; dead men live again. If you say these are lies, no Buddha ever deceives.” Gwan Yin Bodhisattva has the great power to make people angry happy, make it possible for those who are meant to die survive. Perhaps you don’t believe it and consider this false, but you ought to know the wonderful works of Gwan Yin Bodhisattva’s spiritual powers and that no Buddha has ever lied or fabricate the truth. This is why everyone should take refuge with Gwan Yin Bodhisattva and save and protect our endangered human population.



Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are Connected to the Mind

2/6/94 at ITI


Confucianism talks about “loyalty and forgiveness.” Taoism talks about “responses.” Although it talks about “purity and non-doing”, cultivating the natural way according to Tao Te Ching means that “people rule over earth, earth rules heaven, heaven rules the Tao, and the Tao rules nature.” Actually this is just a lesson on “responses.” Buddhism talks about compassion. All three teachings, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are not apart from the mind. If they were separated from the mind, they are not teachings. Confucianism talks about “loyalty and forgiveness.” Loyalty means being loyal in holding oneself to certain standards. “No matter what I do, I am loyal”-- this is a basic criteria for developing one’s character. Forgiveness means forgiving others. Be forgiving with other people’s faults and be tolerant with other people’s ideas. If you can be loyal to standards you set for yourself, your character becomes lofty; if you can forgive others, you will wish to help others rather than ask too much of them. Confucianism isn’t separate from the mind. See how both Chinese characters loyalty () and forgiveness () have the radical “mind” () at the bottom.


Taoism talks about responses. Everything is understood based on a “feeling”. Responsiveness means reacting to everything, granting everyone’s requests. A description of how responses occur goes, “everything is granted through an intuitive understanding.” Wishes and responses coincide. What are wishes and responses? Let’s illustrate with electricity. When you plug [this lamp] here, this place lights up. Whatever you are thinking about, someone knows. Since you’ve connected psychically, you get whatever you want. When you are sincere, you get that feeling. Make it penetrating and you will reach gods.


Taoism talks about responses, so Laotze wrote “An Essay on Responses,” which starts out this way, “Lord of Heaven says: ‘There is no door to fortune or misfortune, people invite it in.’” This is a response. There’s no door to fortune or misfortune. Do good deeds and you will have the blessings, do unwholesome deeds and you shall face misfortune. “The consequences of good and evil follow you like shadows.” Consequences due to good and evil are like people’s shadows. Wherever you go, your shadow follows. “In heaven and on earth, spirits are tracking our mistakes.” There are four ruling spirits in the universe, each ruling over the year, the month, the day, and the time. Behind the scenes are the spirits of year, month, day, and time watching over things. “There are spirits in the universe who preside over people’s mistakes. Depending on the severity of the violation, they rob people of their longevity. When their length of life decreases, they become poor too.” They take years off of people’s lives. Maybe someone was supposed to live a long life, but suddenly his life ends early. When your life becomes shorter, you become poorer too. You have to face all kinds of accidents, diseases, and arguments. Since Taoism speaks in terms of responses, this is from “An Essay on Responses.” It is about “everything being granted through an intuitive understanding.”.


Buddhism talks about compassion. What is kindness? Kindness means “great kindness despite having no affinities.” Although you have no affinities with him and regardless of whether he is good to you, you are compassionate to him. The fewer affinities you have with someone, the more you ought to be compassionate to that person. This is because “great compassion is about all being one.” Why is someone extremely compassionate? It is because of empathy, seeing other people suffer, one feels as if one were suffering too. Use kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Kindness can bestow happiness while compassion can uproot misery. Since you are sympathetic, you can uproot all beings’ pain. This is to love others like you would yourself.


Changing Violence into Compassion


Today, science is extremely advanced, things new and ingenious are occurring all the time. Civilization is advancing each day; each day there are new discoveries. But no matter how much we discover, we don’t reach the ultimate. There is no end. Science that is advanced today will be arcane five hundred years later! Sciences considered advanced five years later will become arcane once again with the passing of yet another five hundred years, and “new” sciences will appear. We think what’s in the past is arcane but five hundred years later, everything considered new now will be arcane. There’s no end to science or philosophy, we just run farther and farther away. They will not come to a stop.


Although science and philosophy are advancing, the benefits they bring to humanity are no more than the harms they do. In other words, they do more harm than good. The damage they do is no more than the help they provide to humanity. Things weren’t so progressive before and fewer people died then. Now that science is developing more and more rapidly, more and more people will die in the future, to the extent that the human race becomes extinct altogether! If the human race becomes extinct, what’s the use of science and philosophy? They would be absolutely useless!


Although science and philosophy have made progress, they have not put an end to the world’s disasters. For example, all kinds of strange illnesses have emerged. Scientific advancements have not made these diseases disappear. This is one thing. The other thing is war. The more that science advances, the more serious warfares become. Precision weapons become more and more accurate, with the aim of killing fellow human beings! Wars between countries, wars between families, and wars between individuals--when will brutality end? You defend yourself against me; I defend myself against you. You want to destroy me and I want to destroy you too. Both are destroyed. When the day comes that both are finally destroyed, everyone shall have nothing to do.


Not only are wars difficult to put an end to, but floods occur mysteriously and fires are prevalent. All day long we hear fire trucks screaming louder than anything else while tornados and hurricanes strike down on who knows how many people at once? A few days ago, Taiwan had a casualty of several hundred from typhoons. Earthquake is another form of serious disaster that everyone fears. Many people are afraid of earthquakes. Though science may be advanced, it cannot put an end to these disasters. As we take a good look at these situations, we see that if we want these disasters to cease, we must investigate the truths in life. When we understand life’s truths, we will know the origin of these disasters. To prevent these catastrophes, we must change our faults and be good, renewing ourselves. How did these disasters come about? It is by the force of our collective karma. When everyone’s karma come together, various disasters occur and are impossible to eradicate. This is due to the force of collective karma.


Speaking of karma, only Buddhism thoroughly understands the origination of karma, the idea of karma. This is why we must make a resolve to become a monk or nun now and study the Buddhadharma until we understand it clearly. We can then use the Buddhist spirit of great compassion to save all beings, making all world disasters evaporate into nothing. This is how we can save the entire human race. We must now set our goal on letting go of all that is typical in the world and study the transcendental dharma. While there are people who are wild about competing to invent murder weapons, strangely enough, there are also people who want to become monks and nuns to study ways to avoid killing. This shocks everyone. I hope in their shock, people will reflect and reflect once again. May they learn to refrain from taking life.


Since the world is made from the human mind. Warfare will be ubiquitous when people enjoy killing; peace will reside in the world when people cherish life. It’s a good start that there are westerners who have come now to learn and practice this religion that refrains from killing. I hope people in the East and West will turn their war interests into compassion, hatred into kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity, and come together to study Buddhism. This is the start of an awakening for people in the west. I hope that some future president in the west will become a president who supports Buddhism.




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