Changing Your Faults and Becoming  Good is The Auspicious Thing

Happy New Year everybody! I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Don’t have a sad New Year and don’t cry during the New Year, and it will be an auspicious new year.  Throughout the year, all things will go as you wish, and you will accomplish whatever you set out to do.  However, once you loose your temper, and bring forth thoughts of hatred, jealousy, and obstructiveness, the auspicious will become inauspicious.  Therefore, this year you should tone down your temper.  Once this is done, there will be no malice in the world.  The power of atomic bomb, as well as the hydrogen bomb, will be reduced, and even the death ray (laser) will be rendered useless.  If everyone could keep his temper, the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb and the death ray would loose their effectiveness.  But because we have big tempers, anything can set them off.  When people’s tempers aggregate together, they become the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, and the death ray.  This is all because of the people’s bad tempers.  Since you have a big temper, there is something even more powerful than your temper, and that will harm the whole world.  If you loose your temper, use menacing looks to oppress other people, or even play game to harm others, these kinds of behavior will trigger the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and the death ray. If you want to prevent the atomic bomb from going off, then don't loose your temper.

Renew Yourself and Get Rid

of the  Defilement in Your Mind

You need to work on this point.  Give up doing bad deeds and start practicing good deeds.  Losing your temper is bad deeds, and not losing your temper is a good deed.  Therefore, if you can  change from being bad to being good, and make a new start, this is what Kang Gao called “being a new person.”  Be a new person, take a new action, improve and modify everything.  If you cannot improve and modify your own behavior, then even if you change the framework of the legal system, it will not work.  By doing that you are looking for something in the outside world.  You have to initiate the improvement and the modification in your own mind and sweep away all bad habits.  As Great Master Shen Xiu said,

“ The body is a Bodhi tree,

The mind a bright mirror stand. 

Constantly brush it clean,

And never let the dust alight.”  


What should you constantly brush clean? We want to brush clean our bad habits, such as our hot temper, jealousy, and obstructiveness.  Brush away these defilements and clean them out.  Then the light of your inherent wisdom will naturally manifest.

When your wisdom light manifest, you will know and understand everything.  Why don’t you know now? Because  your wisdom light has not manifest yet.  Only after you have cleaned yourself up, can you wisdom light manifest.  You have to improve yourself and become a new person.  To improve, you don’t work on things outside; you have to improve those unclean things inside -- your  temper, jealousy, obstructiveness, and arrogance.  For instance, if you oppress others, or scheme to harm someone, all these are indecent things.  If cultivators, especially those who have left the home-life, harbor thoughts of contention, easily get into arguments about right and wrong, speak without rhyme or reason, and oppress others, these are all untidy things which defile the world inside you.  If you are full of these things, you won’t have any true wisdom.  This is very important!


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