The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

30.  Pilgrimage to P'U T'O Mountain.


            In the first year of the reign period Kuang Hsu, the cyclical year I Hai (1875), when the Master was thirty-six, he arrived at Kao Ming (Lofty Light) Monastery. After listening to Dharma Master Min Hsi (Clever Brilliance expound the Dharma Flower Sutra, he spent several evenings speaking with the Venerable Master Hsi, and then, bidding him farewell, took his leave. Descending the mountain, he passed through Hsueh Tou and arrived at Yo Lin (Mountain Peak Grove) Monastery, where he listened to an explanation of the Amitaba Sutra.  The Master then crossed the ocean to visit P'u T'o Mountain, where he bowed to all the Knowledgeable Advisors at the monasteries there.  He spent New Year's at Fa Yu (Dharma Rain) Temple.


The Verse Says:

            At Nan Hai, Potala Mountain Monastery,

            Kuan Yin Bidhisattva crosses over beings at the Celestial Crystal Palace.

            Virtuous men and faithful women come to bow in respect;

            While eight hundred people are going over, a thousand are coming back.


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