The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

29. Trains under the Ch'an rules of the Prajna Hall

At that time, the Venerable Master Ching gave instructions to the Master to develop his understanding.  The Venerable Ching, who was over eighty years of age, maintained the moral code strictly, was conversant with the Teachings, and had penetrated the practice of Ch'an meditation.  He would often have the Master attend the Sutra lectures.  Since it was beneficial to visit other monasteries, he told the Master to go to Kuo Ch'ing Dhyana Monastery and participate in the Ch'an system of meditation practiced there.  He also advised the Master to go to Fang Kuang (Expansive) Monastery to study the Dharma Flower Sutra.  From age thirty-four to thirty-five, the Master stayed at Kuo Ch'ing Monastery and studied the teachings of the Sutras.  On occasion, he would visit the Venerable Master Ching at his hut.


The verse says:

The assembly of the ten directions gathers in the Prajna Hall,
Practicing the unconditioned to see the supremacy of the nature.
Within the Buddha Selecting Hall they are tested for success.
Those who attain the mind's emptiness are ranked as number one.


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