The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

28. Rectifies His Appearance, Changes Clothes, and Practices the T'ien T'ai Teaching

The Master was painfully pierced to the heart by the venerable Ching's remark and again requested instruction. The Elder Master replied, "As long as you listen to and obey my teachings, you may stay. If you do not, however, you will be required to leave."

The Master said, "Coming here specifically to draw near to the Venerable Master, how could I dare to be heedless?" Then, giving the Master robes and shoes, the Venerable Ching told him to shave his head and take a bath. He gave the Master work to do and taught him to look into the hua t'ou (meditation topic) "Who is dragging this corpse?" The Master diligently labored, ate and drank like the rest, and studied the contemplative teachings of the T'ien T'ai school.


The verse says:

Crossing the sea and scaling the mountains,
he called on a lucid teacher.
Donning the stars and wearing the moon,
he visited a sage.
Changing his head to restore his face,
he sought to return to the basic substance.
With a single mind, he investigated
"Just who is dragging this corpse?"


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