In Cultivation, Cherish Your Blessings and Seek Wisdom


Before we Buddhists become Buddhas, we must cherish our blessings and seek wisdom. Fostering blessings increases blessings; seeking wisdom increases wisdom. Look at all the people of the world: they live in different environments. Some, who have great blessings, don’t need to work hard to have everything they wish readily available, to have affluent, carefree life of boundless happiness. That’s because in the past they cultivated lot of blessings, so now they have this kind of prosperous reward.

Some people have extraordinarily keen memories. They can retain anything they have glanced at. They are smart, healthy, and eloquent without any impediments in their speech. When they speak Dharma, a golden lotus sprouts from the ground and flowers fall in luxuriant profusion from the sky. Why is this? Because they cultivated lots of wisdom in the past. Well, how do we cultivate wisdom? Where do we start? You begin with the Sutras of the Great Vehicle. Recite the Great Vehicle Sutras, learn the Tripitaka until you master it perfectly, so that you can recite with your mouth and contemplate it with your mind. By being mindful day and night, thoroughly penetrating the Tripitaka, you will develop great wisdom. Then you will definitely be smart and eloquent in future lives.  

Since we know this Dharma-door of fostering blessings and seeking wisdom, we should conserve things and not waste anything. Repairing bridges, paving roads, building stupas and temples, giving clothes and food to the poor—these are all acts of planting fields of blessings. Speaking Dharma, printing and circulating Sutras, translating Sutras, making Buddha images—these are ways of cultivating wisdom. If you don’t want blessings and wisdom, there’s nothing I can say. But if you want blessings and wisdom, then quickly cultivate blessings and seek wisdom. Don’t waste blessings and neglect wisdom in careless manner. For Buddhists, fostering blessings and seeking wisdom is the most important task.


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