The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

19. Tirelessly Labors Raising Vegetables To Offer To The Sangha

The Master undertook the responsibilities of water boy, and then became the gardener. It was necessary for him to examine each vegetable plant to see whether or not it was well hoed, fertilized, and ready to be transplanted or not. He bolstered the plants and braced those which fell over. He irrigated the vegetable garden with water sanctified by the Great Compassion Mantra, so that those who ate these vegetables would quickly realize the unproduced.



The verse says:

He toiled in service attending to the tasks of vegetable gardening.
An exemplar of the regulations, he was an inspiration to the ignorant.
You should know that today’s teachers of gods and men
Are supported by the gardener of Ku Shan Mountain.


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