The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

18. Ordered To Serve
The Permanently Dwelling

When the Master was twenty-three years of age, he had completed three years of bowing the repentance ceremony. One day a Sangha member came and said, "Your father has resigned his post because of his age and has returned home. The Venerable Master Miao Lien applauds your austerities and determination on the Path of cultivation. However, he says one must have both wisdom and blessings and one must understand phenomena as well as noumena. One hand, bowing the repentance ceremony as you have done leads to wisdom, but on the other, you should attain blessings by undertaking the responsibility of serving those of the monastery, that is, of benefitting everyone and the Triple Jewel."


The verse says:

The permanently Dwelling of the ten directions is the honorable Triple Jewel.
Performing his duties for the sake of all, he always did his best.
The Master cultivated both blessings and wisdom, enriching the self-nature.
Where worthy sages dwell is called a Buddhist monastery.

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