The Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

17. Settles In A Cliff Cave and Cultivates In Seclusion

At that time, the Master's father at his home in Ch'uan Chou enjoined a number of men to search for the Master. After receiving the precepts, Fu Kuo packed up and began his explorative journey on foot. It is not known where he went in his travels for study. The Master had put down his body and mind and sequestered himself on the back side of a mountain. The people who came to see him were few indeed; however, there were tigers and wolves who came from deep in the mountains and valleys to the caves on the cliff. The Master ate pine nuts when hungry, and when thirsty drank pure spring water.

 The verse says:

Ascetic cultivation in a cave on a cliff,
he endured the years of cold.
For the sake of the Way, he neglected eating;
his robes were ragged and torn.
Tigers and wolves came to his side
and protected the Dharma for him.
He bowed the Ten Thousand Buddhas' Repentance three thousand times.

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