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1992 Vigorous Buddha Recitation Session


I. Origin:

The Sutras say that the Amitabha Sutra will be the last Sutra to disappear during this present age. It will remain in the world longer than any other Buddhist Sutra. It is a compassionate ship for living beings to rely upon this Dharma-Ending Age. After the Amitabha Sutra disappears, only the sagely phrase of "Namo Amitabha Buddha" will remain. After that disappears, only the name "Amitabha Buddha" will remain. From this we can know that the teaching host of the West, Amitabha Buddha, has deep affinities with living beings of our Saha World. The Pure Land Dharma-door was spoken without request by the Buddha. It is a supreme Dharma which can cause both those of superior and inferior wisdom to attain ultimate bliss and non-retreat from Bodhi. Great Strength Bodhisattva recited the Buddhas name, attained samadhi, and achieved perfect penetration. Universal Worthy Bodhisattva made ten kings of vows and transferred the merit to rebirth in the Pure Land . Even one recitation of this vast name with its myriad virtues is a wondrous means of escape from suffering.


II. Information

1. Date: 12/19/92 (Sat.) - 12/25/92 (Fri.)

    (Purify the Boundaries on the evening of 12/18)

2. Place: City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

3. Participants: up to 200 laypeople

4. Requirements:

a. Maintain silence.

b. Receive the 8 Vegetarian Precepts

c. Each day, recite for seven periods and bow 1000 bows. Those over sixty may sit or kneel to bow, or recite the Buddha's name 20,000 times instead.

5. Registration Fee: A minimum of $120 per person (includes room, board, mailing costs; left-home people need not pay).

6. Registration Deadline: Postmark date on or before 12/6/1992.

7. Registration by Mail: Fill in form and send to JGH #100, The Sagely City of    Ten Thousand Buddhas.

8. Orientation: Please arrive by 10 a .m. on 12/18.

    Orientation will be at 3 p.m. to form groups and go over rules and information.

9. Host of Session: Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


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