Monday evening, January 29, 1973

On the Difficulty of Renouncing Power and Wealth

Ven. Master Hua


Tomorrow you will meet a Chinese-American layman who supports the Triple Jewel. He has made a great bodhi resolve and advocates Buddhism. Tomorrow he is coming here to take a look at Gold Mountain Monastery, the icebox, checking out the cold meat in it. Therefore, if any of you lay Dharma-protectors of Gold Mountain Monastery have time tomorrow around noon , you are welcome to come and have lunch here and meet this layman who has made a great bodhi resolve. Those who are working outside wonít have the time, but those who arenít working are welcome to come here.

 There should be more of us gathered together, as a proof that these cold cuts havenít been frozen to the point that they canít be eaten, and to prove that you are still able to eat. You should meet this layman; itís a good opportunity. Besides, he might bring a Buddhist movie. We viewed it once before, but  this time he is very sincere and says he will bring it along. Those who have seen the movie can watch it one more time; those who havenít will get to see it. But at any rate, meet this layperson. He has a good understanding of Buddhism. 

A few days ago, he attended a Buddha recitation session in New York , during which he didnít answer the phone, do office work, or talk with people outside. He probably talked to the people in the session, since he had not made the vow not to talk to women or to men. Therefore, he probably talked to both men and women. 

People get up at 3:30 a.m. for our Buddha recitation sessions. At the one this layman attended in New York , the session started at 5 a.m. and everyone rested at 9 p.m. The difference is that their schedule is a little shorter. Iíve been told that this layman has 600 Americans working for him in his office. But during that entire week of Buddha recitation, he didnít pay any attention to his work. Of course after the week of recitation ended, he went back to looking after his business. My hope for him  is that he will not just stop looking after his business for one week, but that he will not do business for an entire year. In fact, I hope that eventually he wonít have to look after those troublesome matters at all. That would be the very best. However, itís not easy for him to put down so much money.


Timely Teachings. Page 239