July 28, 1974, Sunday evening

On the Detriment of Manmade Powers 

Ven. Master Hua


At the present time, demonic dharmas are strong. I’m referring to extraordinary powers that result from scientific advances. These are not true spiritual powers. Science will be even more advanced five hundred years from now, but this is only progress of a worldly sort, not world-transcending Dharma. No matter how advanced science becomes, it cannot help us end birth and death. The extraordinary powers I’m referring to are things like the television and the telephone. These are manmade “spiritual penetrations.” It is not the case that the Dharma becomes stronger in the Dharma-Ending Age. Otherwise, why would the Dharma come to an end? We have to eliminate the manmade element in order to find what is genuine. I am not trying to scare you when I tell you this.


Timely Teachings. Page 114.