September 28, 1973 | Friday evening

On an Omission with a Positive Outcome

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


[Editorís note: In explaining a sutra passage on spirits, the Master skips two spirits and then comes back to them after explaining the third one. A disciple advises the Master of the omission.]

Oh. It seemed to me that I had already explained these two; since I couldnít figure out how I was able to recite their names by heart otherwise. It turns out you have not been listening to the lectures in vain. Otherwise, you would not have known that I skipped explaining these spiritsí names. If you were sleeping or if you had entered samŃdhi, then you wouldnít have known where I stopped lecturing last.

Now, as I fill in the sections I skipped, I will speak even more energetically. Thatís because Iím encouraged that you are all promising listeners. Now that Iíve discovered that, Iíll be even less afraid of forgetting a section, for if I do, some of you are sure to remind me. Isnít that right? This is a good method, wouldnít you say?


Timely Teachings, pages 329.