October 19, 1973, Friday evening

On an Amusing Response

Ven. Master Hua  


By the way, some amusing news arrived today [October 19, 1973]. What is it? It’s about the two [Bhikshus] who are doing Three Steps One Bow—Guo Yu and Guo Dao.   

Guo Dao was bowing along and suddenly noticed: “My pants are ripping!” With the next bow he said, “My pants are ripping even more!”.  

It reached the point that he couldn’t keep his trousers on anymore, and he hadn’t brought a change, so he said to Guo Yu, “I’m afraid it’s not going to work! How can I bow with no pants on?”.  

Then just at that time a pair of trousers appeared right in the middle of the road. The trousers were neither too large nor too small, not too long and not too short. They were exactly his size. Would you say that was strange or not?


Timely Teachings, Page 207