October 8, 1973, Monday evening at Washington Street

On Wanna-Be Patriarchs

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Tomorrow, Sutra lectures (both noon and evening) will be at Gold Mountain Monastery, and will continue to be at Gold Mountain Monastery until after the Opening of the Light. Otherwise people won’t have anywhere to sit. Some people want to sit on the Buddha’s feet. The disciples of the Buddha are supposed to bow to the ground and hold the Buddha’s feet in their hands. But it’s to be feared some may want to start bowing by sitting on the Buddha’s feet. Others may want to sit on the Buddha’s head. Since this place is too small, we are going to Gold Mountain Monastery where there will be more space. Some people are contemplating moving the Buddha aside and sitting in his place. What a bright idea! Once they have done that, they can start having ideas of wanting to be a patriarch. They think being a patriarch is better than being an ordinary monk. For these reasons, the (noon and evening) lectures will be held at Gold Mountain Monastery starting tomorrow.  

Timely Teachings, page 246.