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Wednesday evening, October 25, 1972.

On Strictly Upholding the Precepts

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


People who have received the precepts cannot casually violate them. If you have transgressed, you should quickly confess, repent, and reform before the assembly. A monk or nun who has committed a serious transgression should move back in line and walk with the novices or even the laypeople. It is not permissible for a monastic to continue to act in a casual manner and look lightly upon the violation of precepts. Buddhism has just begun in this country, and we cannot afford to be casual. If we are casual now, thereís no knowing how far off we will end up in the future.

Therefore, anyone who has broken the precepts should be honest about it and seek forgiveness from everyone. You should let everyone decide how to deal with it. Donít think that if no one knows you have transgressed, you can get by. With that kind of attitude, you may end up falling in the hells, the animal realm, or the realm of hungry ghosts, and no one will be able to save you.


Timely Teachings page 126.