Wednesday evening, November 15, 1972

23. On Sparking Interest in Buddhism

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


Today we went to an art exhibition. Those of you who have talent in painting can learn to paint, and in the future you may become great artists. For example, Bhikshuni Xiao Yun from Taiwan is a painter and shows her paintings in various exhibitions. Her exhibitions have inspired many people to believe in Buddhism. Lay disciple Chang Dai-chien does the same. Since he is a Buddhist, he paints Buddha images. The paintings of Buddhas in his exhibitions have sparked an interest in Buddhism. This is part of propagating the Buddhadharma, so you should not look lightly on it. For example, if we put on a sutra display or a sutra-lecturing exhibition, there wouldn’t be such a large turnout. But now, whether people believe in Buddhism or not, even if they are Catholics or Protestants, they still attend the exhibition and see the Buddha images, and this plants bodhi seeds in their minds. If you wish to become a celebrity you can begin now–there’s still enough time, and you can become a great artist. That wouldn’t be bad.


(Timely Teachings, Ch. 1 Part I, page 175, following paragraph 1)