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October 29, 1973, Monday evening

139.5 On Something True, Actual and Not False


I also remember something else that happened to me. I realized that each person wants to be better than everyone else, smarter and wiser. At that time I made a peculiar vow. What was it? None of you knows. I vowed that I wanted to be more stupid than anybody else, to give away all the wisdom that I was supposed to have as a gift to all people. I wanted to be dumber than any person, more stupid than any living being. After I made that vow, I did in fact become stupid. Stupid to what point? If I had money, I wanted to give it away so others could use it. I did the same with any other possessions I had. Not only did I give away dictionaries, I even gave away my body, mind, and life. That was what I did in the past, and now I donít know if I recalled this in a dream, or while eating or sleeping, that probably such a thing took place. This is true, actual, and not false.


(Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part III, page 355, following paragraph 3)