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July 11, 1974 / Thursday Evening. Timely Teachings, Page 112

2.0 On Sincerity in Praying for Peace


On the 20th, we’re going to Seattle to conduct a big ceremony for World Peace. How many participants will there be? I don’t know. With lots of participants we will pray for the peace of the world; if there are few participants, we will pray for world peace all the same. If we are sincere, for sure there will be a response. In the past we started to be sincere; however, we need to be even more sincere now and in the future. What are we sincere about? When we are bowing the Repentance, everyone should contemplate, “On the 20th, no matter what, it shouldn’t rain.” I said yesterday, “Should it rain on that day, then I’ll hit Guo Yi (Benefit) and Guo Hang 100 times each.” This is because I told both of them to make sure it would not rain. All of you should apply effort to help them. If it rains, then I’ll hit each one of you 100 times after we return. Each one of you would deserve a beating because your lack of sincerity caused there to be no response. Therefore, when you are bowing to the Buddhas, you should pray to all the Buddhas of the ten directions to bless the ceremony so that it is auspicious, perfect, free of any trouble and demonic obstacles.


(Timely Teachings page 112)