March 3, 1973 | Saturday

On Sincerely Dedicating Merit

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Yesterday evening since everyone was bowing in the Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas on behalf of Guo Jin, she has recovered somewhat from her illness. However, since not every one of you has been entirely sincere, the response is not as great as it can be.

This evening, everyone should be even more sincere in requesting the ten thousand Buddhas of the ten directions to aid Guo Jin so that she will definitely recover from her illness. If she fails to get well, it’s a sign that we have not bowed in repentance sincerely enough. We must bring forth a determined resolve, and our united efforts will most certainly move the Buddhas. We should ask for the Buddha’s compassionate aid to help this laywoman get well.


Timely Teachings, page 178.