September 14, 1973, Friday evening, page 186

97. On Seeking Liberation

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

Today all of you heard one of my disciples using his personal experience to reveal the Dharma for us. Before he got married, he asked me several times if he could become a monk. He made that request the first time he saw me. Later, I donít know what ďpassage into liberationĒ he entered, but he didnít become a monk.

Now, heís asking again to become a monk. I donít know if the person who wants to become a monk now is the same person who didnít become a monk before.  If he is the same person, what made him seek two different things? If itís two different people weíre dealing with here, then why do both of them ultimately want the same thingóto become a monk?

 Weíll have to do some research on this. Itís interesting that the couple who just got married didnít come tonight. They would have heard about this discipleís marital problems. Actually, it would have been more timely if he had discussed this topic a few days ago before those newlyweds tied the knot. Anyway, when this disciple who wants to become a monk got married, his wedding caused some monastics to think about returning to lay life. And when those newlyweds got married recently, more monastics were having false thinking. But now, this disciple who wants to become a monk has given his personal testimony concerning so-called marital bliss, which may help quell some of the monasticsí false thinking. Thatís why I had him talk about his experience.


(Timely Teachings. page 186)