September 22, 1974 (Sunday evening)

4.7. On Rules to Uphold During a Fast

Ven. Master Hua  


Four people are fasting here. Maybe it is because they know Gold Mountain Monastery doesnít have much rice or vegetables and they want to save on food. Whatever the reason, when people who are fasting leave the building, they have to go out in pairs, or in a group of three, four, five, or more. At least one person who is not fasting must accompany them, because that person will have enough strength to help the others.

There are reasons why someone who is fasting cannot go out alone. First of all, people here might become suspicious and surmise that youíre going to buy apple pie to eat on the sly! In cultivation we should be as true as possible and avoid rousing suspicions. Moreover, if youíre light-headed and giddy from fasting, and you donít see too clearly, you might get hit by a car. Even though cultivators are not afraid of death, we shouldnít deliberately try to get run over. We have to be careful at all times. It is not permissible to be lax. This is my suggestion to you. Whether or not you listen to and believe me is up to you. I donít know which of the four of you is the decision-maker.


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