November 4, 1973, Sunday evening

On Responding to Questions

Ven. Master Hua


From now on, all of you should answer during the question and answer period. If someone asks a question, don’t wait for me to respond. It’s true the person’s question is directed at me, but even so, I’ll wait to see if one of you can answer first. I don’t want to push you out of the picture, using my rank as teacher to keep you down, preventing you from developing your wisdom and eloquence. Do you agree to this new process?

Now all of you have your own inherent wisdom and eloquence and can answer people’s questions. I am here at present, so if you answer incorrectly, or if the person asking doesn’t accept what you say, he or she can reopen the matter for investigation by saying, “That’s not right,” or “I am not satisfied with that answer.” We’ll use whether the person is satisfied or not as the criterion. If he or she isn’t satisfied with your reply, then we’ll find someone else. Should that answer also prove unsatisfactory, we’ll get another person. If none of you can answer, I will speak at the end.

We’ll see how it goes if you reply; then I won’t have to exert my brain, and can take a little nap.

Timely Teachings, page 33