Friday evening, January 5, 1973

On Respecting Monastic Sangha Order 

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua 


Next week I will go to Brazil. In the temple, everyone should listen to Guo Ning and Guo Zhan. If evil-natured monks refuse to listen to instructions, they will have many problems in the future. Itís not okay for you to have no respect for your elders. Guo Ning was the second monk to leave home, and Guo Zhan was the fourth. When I am here, if you donít obey instructions, you might still be excused. But when I am gone, if you refuse to obey the instructions of those two, then will be the same as not listening to your teacherís instructions. Be clear about this point. It cannot be the case that a younger Dharma brother refuses to listen to his elder Dharma brothers.


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