Wednesday evening, November 29, 1972

On Requesting Dharma

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua



From now on, one person at a time can request the Dharma. You can take turns. Since we donít have a lot of people right now, one person will suffice. If there is a larger crowd, then two people can request the Dharma. Nothing is certainósimply follow the Middle Way . Bowing in the Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas is very important. If you donít participate in this Repentance, you canít really be called a practitioner of the Way. In the past, I also did this repentance practice. Therefore, in spiritual practice, you must undergo a process of hardship and exertion, and then maybe youíll have some achievement. If you arenít sincere, you wonít achieve anything at all.


Timely Teachings page 358.