January 10, 1973 (Wednesday evening)

44.1 On Reasons for the Flu Epidemic

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua    


When you reflect on the suffering of sickness,

Having no illness becomes a blessing.

When you reflect on the suffering of hunger and cold,

Eating your fill and being warm becomes a blessing.

When you reflect on the suffering of calamities,

Dwelling in peace becomes a blessing.


            Recently many people have come down with the flu. Yesterday Guo Ning* told me that many of you had gotten food poisoning and that he feared you would die. He wanted to tell Guo Su not to eat that stuff, but he knew Guo Su wouldn’t listen to him, so he came to tell me so that I could tell that monk. So, today we didn’t eat yesterday’s food. Potatoes, after they have been mashed, should be eaten on the same day. Don’t eat them the following day, because by then they will change color and a chemical change will have taken place. Guo Jin, how do you feel today? If you’re sick, you should rest more and drink a lot of water, or take a hot bath, and you will recover faster. The newspapers report that over 50 people in this country have already died from the flu epidemic—that’s a low estimate, I think. Over 1,000 people have died from the flu in London . So, the situation is grave. Everyone should be more careful. Put on more clothes.

            I can suggest two possible sources that have brought on this current flu epidemic. One source could be the poisons that are released into the air during nuclear experiments. Those toxins that are polluting the atmosphere are a viable underlying reason for the flu epidemic. Another possible source may be from experiments carried out by satellites launched into space. Some eject poison into the atmosphere in order to test human tolerance levels. These experiments are part of the development of biochemical weapons that can be used in wars of the future. Both of these are possible reasons.


(Timely Teachings, Ch. 1 Part II, page 106, following paragraph 3)