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March 3, 1973, Saturday

On Publishing a Monthly Buddhist Journal

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


Today we received a copy of a Buddhist journal published in Taiwan . The feature story highlights a commencement exercise held at a Buddhist Academy . This journal is quite fine; it is first-rate among Buddhist journals. It is organized well and nicely laid out. Those of you who read Chinese can take a look at it; there is only one English article in the publication.

Also in this issue of the journal, each of the graduates is briefly introduced—about two hundred words per article. The introductions describe where each graduate is from, and describes his or her personality, cultivation, and talents. The articles are eloquent and clear. We can write to the journal’s editor and ask permission to reprint these biographical sketches in our monthly journal Vajra Bodhi Sea, which will help promote young people in Buddhism.

From the contents of this journal, we can assess what the Dharma Master who heads that Academy is doing in Taiwan . It’s a pity the rules are a little lax; if they can step up and be more vigorous, then they will do even better. Their Buddhist Studies programs are coming along nicely, however.

In publishing a journal, we should make progress instead of procrastinating. You should definitely keep ahead of the schedule. Do not wait till the end of the month to send the journal to our subscribers. Publishing a journal is part of the Buddhadharma, part of turning the Dharma wheel. We should ask ourselves: “When this journal gets into the hands of the readers, of what benefit will it bring to them? What kind of resolve will it inspire in the reader?” We should focus on that.


Timely Teachings, page 389 - 390.