(Tuesday evening, February 27, 1973) 

62. On Protecting Supporters of the Monastery 

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

At Gold Mountain Monastery, we lecture on the sutras and speak Dharma every day, and this is helping all of humankind. As we lecture on the sutras, the monastery is surrounded by auspicious clouds and a lucky energy. From this day on, sick people who come to Gold Mountain Monastery will certainly recover from their illness. Of course they will recover from their illness while staying at the monastery, but even when they go home, they will not experience a relapse. That is because the gods, dragons, and the rest of the eight kinds of ghosts and spirits come to protect the Dharma and they will also guard and protect supporters of the monastery. 

After we got back from New York , we stopped over at Los Angeles and San Diego . Upasika Guo Wu came up with us and has stayed at Gold Mountain Monastery for over two weeks. Tomorrow she will go home. This evening, when we bow in the Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas, we can dedicate the merit to her with the wish that she will recover from her sickness. I see that the time is about right for her to get over her illness. We can also dedicate merit to Guo Jin, who is still quite sick after a week. Her illness has become so serious that she’s not eating or drinking. So all of you should bow to the Buddhas seeking a response for both these laywomen to quickly recover. 

(Timely Teachings - Ch. 1 Part II, page 269, following paragraph 2)