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October 27, 1973, Saturday evening 

136.  On Practice Helping Avert a Calamity


Even though this celestial calamity will not be easy to avert, we have two monks who have resolved to become Bodhisattvas. They wish to act as models and express the Dharma for sentient beings through their method of practice. Therefore they have made the vow to make a pilgrimage bowing once every three steps. This is no ordinary undertaking. Iím not joking with you. What they have set out to do is real and factual. The two of them have made the resolve to pray for world peace, and they may be able to help avert a calamity, subduing the comet [Ed. note: the Comet Kahoutek, which was headed for Earth] so it wonít have a devastating effect on this world. 

(Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part III, page 350, paragraph 2)