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Monday evening, October 23, 1972

On Looking for Property 

Ven. Master Hua



Letís listen to the disciples who went looking for property.

Bhikshu Heng Qian: In three weeks of working with local real estate agents and looking day after day, we found two places that might suit our requirements. One is in Sandpoint , Idaho , near Lake Ponderay . Itís pretty nice. Another one is near Roseburg , Oregon . The Abbot [Ed. note: The Venerable Master.] traveled to Roseburg and on to Sandpoint to inspect both those properties. 

When we met the Abbot in Oregon , I related to him what I had been learning, ďReal estate agents can talk a dead person back to life. They can really talk up a storm, but you just canít believe any of it. Itís too bad the government and the lumber companies own vast amounts of land in the Northwest. The railroads own a lot of it too, which the government gave them. And nobodyís selling. The only properties for sale are small private places sandwiched between the good parcels of land; none of those are suitable. Out of all the places we looked out, there were only these two, and they are far from perfect. You have an ideal place in your mind, but you just canít find it.Ē Thatís my report on the trip.


Timely Teachings page 123.