October 12, 1972 | Thursday evening

On Learning to Lecture on the Sutras

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua  


As we are now studying the Buddhadharma and learning what’s in the sutras, we should all take part in explaining this exceptionally long sutra.  Such a long text as this should not be lectured by a single individual. We should all take part. That way, when one of you is explaining a passage, I can take a rest. If none of you talk, then I have to do all the talking. But I’m not as foolish as I used to be! I’m a bit more intelligent now and so every day at lecture time, I will call on one or two people to explain a little bit. On the one hand, it will prevent you from being lazy. You’ll have to study the sutra beforehand. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing if you don’t know what to say when it is your turn to explain. Of course, you will look very good if you give a fine explanation.

This method will keep everyone attentive. At any time, I could call on you to explain something. Today I asked you to talk about the translator of the Earth Store Sutra. Tomorrow I might ask you to talk about the translator of the ‘Heaven Store Sutra’, and the day after that, the translator of the ‘Human Store Sutra’.

 “I’ve never heard of the ‘Heaven Store Sutra’,” you say. Well, you’ve heard of it now. You have not heard of everything there is. It’s possible for there to be such a sutra without your knowing about it. Discovering something we didn’t know before, is really the definition of learning. Don’t you agree?



Timely Teachings, pages 324.