July 16, 1974, Tuesday evening 

On Keeping Our Objective in Mind 

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


Today Guo Dao called and said they were doing fine staying in the park, and that the two monks who have made a Three-Steps-One-Bow pilgrimage from  San Francisco had nearly reached  Seattle  . Theyíve reserved a hall at the university there, and we will give lectures there on Friday and Saturday evenings at  7:00 p.m. , and perhaps on Sunday as well. 

While we are on the way to Seattle, at all times we have to sincerely remember that our purpose is to pray for world peace, and that we are not going just to have fun or to go camping. The world is in a dangerous situation. The world is still here today, but if there is no peace in the world, it may be destroyed tomorrow. Humanity may become extinct. If we sincerely pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to aid the world, then the human race will not perish so soon. 

The drivers for the trip should be especially cautious and on the alert. When we go camping, everyone should dress warmly and avoid freezing. No matter where we are, we should be praying for world peace. We canít slack off for a moment. We canít act like a bird that flies about hysterically after being let out of its cage. When we go out, we should stay in a group. Donít wander off by yourself. We have to remember our objective of seeking world peace and avoid doing things that donít contribute to peace


Timely Teachings. Page 113