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August 12, 1973, Sunday noon

On Issuing Test Results

Ven. Master Hua    


It’s been a long time since I had the opportunity to investigate the teachings of the sutras with you. Today we have a good opportunity to look into the sutras and the Buddha’s teachings together. My trip to South America was a test. That is why when I talked to you right upon coming back I spoke the following verse:

Everything’s a test

To see what you will do.

Mistaking what’s before your face,

You’ll have to start anew.


Who among you should start anew, or not start anew, you should know yourselves. During my absence from San Francisco , some people behaved in a confused way, while others practiced according to the teachings. As for some of you, not only did you not practice according to the teachings, you did away with the teachings totally, and did not rely on them to practice. You revealed your delusion—your real nature revealed itself, from which I have come to recognize your true features. When I was gone, those who were prone to laziness gave into laziness; those who were prone to indulgence gave in to indulgence. Those who wanted to be gandharva kings became gandharva kings. Those who wanted to be gandharva citizens became gandharva citizen. Whatever your aspirations were, all of those are now revealed. Your true features are exposed. Now let us see what you will do.


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