November 3, 1973 Saturday evening

On Expelling Poisons

Ven. Master Hua    




Guo Hui, you returned! Come up in front and tell us whatís going on with them [Editorís note: referring to the two monks who were making a pilgrimage of Three Steps One Bow from San Francisco to Washington State].

Guo Hui: Theyíre over at Bodega Bay now, and theyíre ready to start in the morning, again, from where they left off a couple of days ago. They had to stop for a while, because Heng Ju was hurting pretty bad. [Editorís note: He had a bad case of poison oak from using poison oak leaves for toilet paper.] Heís looking pretty good now, and theyíre going to try it some more. They have all the right equipment now.

Master: Where are they?

Guo Hui: Theyíre at the other side of Bodega Bay . Theyíre camping...

Master: Not having a barbeque? [Editorís note: Laughter ensues.]

Guo Hui: They might have a little fire...

Master: Did Guo Yu eat the licorice root I gave him?

Guo Hui: Yes, heís begun eating it.

Master: How is he eating it?

Guo Hui: I told him to put it in the tea, or just eat it. Iím not sure how heís doing it. I thought I saw some tea he made.

Master: It doesnít have to be brewed into a tea. The root itself can be eaten. Itís not as potent taken as a brew. When I gave it to you to take to them before, I didnít expect them to be staying in peopleís houses. My idea was that he could just chew on it. It can dispel poison. Honey is very good for that too. What else is going on?

Guo Hui: Guo Zhou is going to bring food to them tomorrow. They said the best time to find them on the road, if anyone goes looking for them, is at noon . They get on the road at daybreak, as soon as the cars can see them. And they start looking for a place to stay around 4 p.m. , sometimes later. They stay on the road; they donít go on the beach.


Timely Teachings, pages 31 - 32.