August 27, 1973, Monday evening

On Doing the Necessary Research

Ven. Master Hsuan Hua


We have discussed the twenty-five levels of existence many times before. If anyone remembers them, you may review them for everyone. When we were going through the prose earlier on, I did not explain the twenty-five levels of existence in detail, assuming that you would look up the list and make note of it. However, I see that you have been lazy. None of you know the list today, and I, too, have forgotten it. And so no one will try to explain that list today. Tomorrow, after you have researched the list, I will also recall it.

Right now we can explain “the realms of existence” to mean the Three Realms—the Desire Realm, the Form Realm, and the Formless Realm, which include the twenty-five levels of existence. Guo Pu mentioned some levels of existence in her discussion of the text, but not the entire list. We all need to know them.


Timely Teachings, page 314.