November 8, 1972, Wednesday evening 

On Cultivating Blessings and Wisdom

Ven. Master Hua


Cultivation of blessings brings about the adornment of the fine hallmarks and characteristics. Cultivation of wisdom gets rid of delusion. Why are we deluded? Because we havenít cultivated blessings and wisdom. Why are we poor? Because we havenít cultivated blessings and wisdom. I am using my true mind to speak true Dharma for you. If you can accept the true Dharma, you will truly be able to cultivate. Therefore, you must be sincere. Donít engage in fault-finding. It is extremely foolish to always be finding faults in others.

Cultivators must be courageous and vigorous. Be true cultivators. Every day you should work harder and be more vigorous. Donít engage in gossiping about rights and wrongs, so that day after day you grow more and more lax and retreat. That would be very dangerous.

I speak on this topic today because I perceive these causes and circumstances. Right now, none of you has these problems. But I see that these problems could develop in the future, and so I have brought them up today to prevent their arising in the future.


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