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Monday evening, November 27, 1972

27 On Bowing the Repentance before Ten Thousand Buddhas


Copies of the Sutra of the Names of Ten Thousand Buddhas have arrived, and it would be best for everyone to bow in repentance before the Buddhas through a section of this sutra each evening [Ed. note: following the evening lecture.] The merit and virtue derived from bowing this repentance can never be fully expressed. Bowing in repentance can eradicate people’s karma; bowing in repentance can nurture people’s good roots. Bowing in repentance can help people who have never done any spiritual practice learn how to practice and help people without good roots to develop them. When our good roots are full and complete, we will become enlightened. Therefore, the merit and virtue of bowing in the Repentance Ceremony before Ten Thousand Buddhas is inconceivable. We will experiment with bowing in repentance for one hour every evening. Next year we can start to officially the Repentance. Everyone should recognize the importance of bowing in repentance; only then can you derive its benefits.


(Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part I, page 236, following paragraph 2)