November 2, 1973 Friday evening

143.4 On Being like Water, Not Like Ice

Ven. Master Hua


When you hear people say something, itís best not to get angry. Not one of you has reached that level yet, but you can gradually learn. Each of you should practice being very pleasant and harmonious--which means not having a temper. In your dealings with anyone, no matter who, be like water, not like ice. Water doesnít harm people. Of course, sometimes thereís a lot of it, and people may drown. But thatís rare. However, from peopleís point of view, ice is very hard, and you feel itís very cold when you come in contact with it. But you feel quite comfortable when you see water, and water can quench your thirst. You should be happy all the time, like the Bodhisattvas. Donít be like the hungry ghosts who are always pouting. As soon as you pout, you turn into a hungry ghost. If you are cheerful and happy, then you are a Bodhisattva. 


Timely Teachings Ch. 1 Part III, page 360, following paragraph 2