January 26, 1974, Saturday evening

On Being ĎJust This Way.í

Ven. Master Hua 


Before I leave, Iím going to say some things none of you want to hear. First let me make it clear: if anyone wants to oppose his teacher, he is most welcome to do so. I do not care more for those who donít oppose their teacher. I do not necessarily regard people who follow my instructions as being good disciples or consider anyone who doesnít follow instructions as necessarily bad. 

Iím not afraid of people opposing me. Why? Itís because I donít have any sense of self. Whether you oppose me or follow my instructions, Iím just the same. What you do is your business, not mine. Why? It was aptly stated by Great Master Yongjia, who said:

       Let others slander me;

I bear their condemnation.

Those who try to burn the sky only exhaust themselves.

When I hear it, itís just like drinking sweet dew.

Having accepted it, suddenly one enters the inconceivable.

 If you slander me, it doesnít matter. If you criticize me, itís okay. If you raise a torch in an attempt to burn the sky, you will only wear yourself out, since the sky is beyond your reach. When others slander or insult me, their words are like sweet dew. ďHaving accepted it, suddenly one enters the inconceivable.Ē A person who really has this kind of attitude will have tasted the true flavor.


Timely Teachings page 36