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September 2, 1974 (Monday evening)

4.2. On Advice to Slanderers of the Monastery


People who cultivate the teaching of the Buddhas should fear only that they will fail to truly cultivate. When you truly cultivate, then even people who may slander you and try to ruin your practice will not succeed. That is why it doesnít matter what people say about this monastery. They wonít be able to destroy it, because itís made of vajra. Although many people praise this monastery, many others criticize it. Outside the monastery and even right within it, there are lazy ghosts and lazy worms, gluttonous ghosts and gluttonous worms. These people say the monastery is no good because thereís too much work to do here, not enough time to sleep, and no time to talk. As a result, these lazy people arenít able to enter the ďsleeping samadhi.Ē However, thatís their own problem.

If you look into this, you wonít find another place in the entire world where people cultivate as diligently as the people here do. So, each of you should be very careful not to do anything that would cause you to fall into the Hell Where Tongues Are Pulled Out. No matter who you are, you wonít be able to destroy the monastery, because it is made of vajra. If you slander the monastery you will fall into the Hell Where Tongues Are Pulled Out. What is meant by slandering the monastery? Suppose you engage in gossip that is designed to confuse others, saying things like, ďThe people at this place donít cultivate; the Dharma Masters here donít know what theyíre doing.Ē The reason you donít know what theyíre doing is that you are just an ordinary person. If you were an enlightened sage, you would immediately come here and be bowing to the Buddhas morning till night. People with such improper viewpoints, who speak ill of people in the monastery are definitely headed for the Hell Where Tongues Are Pulled Out. No one else is making you fall into the hells; you yourself are preparing to plummet straight into them. And so, whoever you are, go ahead and try to break up the monastery if you arenít afraid of becoming a mute. However, you wonít succeed in destroying the monastery or in disrupting the Sangha here. Why not? Itís because the Sangha members here donít seek anything. To them, ďEverything is okay.Ē How could you possibly disrupt them? Itís impossible, because it is of no concern to them whether they are treated well. It doesnít matter to them whether or not people believe in them.

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