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Gratitude to Chan Master Hsuan Hua

June 28, 2020

25th Anniversary of Master Hua’s Nirvana

Disciple Guo Zhen (Heng Sure)


On the 25th anniversary of your Nirvana this year I wanted to reflect on the positive impact that meeting you has made on our lives. I wanted to say thank you, and say how grateful we feel for all the gifts we have received from you over the years. Among them are these:

On behalf of your Sangha disciples I want to thank you for our Dharma names, and our monk’s names, and their meanings that continue to unfold even after five decades;

For the refuges and the precepts we received from you. They serve as our compass that points out the road away from confusion and harm;

For the opportunity you gave us to share the refuges and precepts with others; giving Dharma is the source of happiness;

For so much good advice, most of which I didn’t follow until much later;

For modeling the living tradition of filiality; thereby showing the way to develop a wholesome relationship with our parents and our siblings. Now as monastics we can be closer to them than while we were at home;

For all the wonderful stories and models of deportment from the Sangha tradition that stay fresh and vital after 2500 years;

For the encouragement to study virtue from Chinese culture and to recognize its value;

For the inspiration to rebuild our lives around the Dharma;

For sharing your knowledge of the Dao and showing us how one responds to its Ways.


For introducing us to the sutras; bringing them alive, and encouraging us to center our cultivation around their principles.

For your example of courage and never compromising on virtue;

For your example of honesty and telling us that the only thing you fear is not being true;

For your example of vows and steadfast pursuit of excellence in your humanity;

For encouragement to develop our writing and the arts as honest work of monastic;

For creating outstanding schools and sharing your love of lifelong learning, and for showing monks and nuns the joy of classroom teaching

For your constant exhortation to take the propagation of the Dharma as our own responsibility;

For your giving away of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas to everybody. It doesn’t belong to Buddhists. It belongs to the world, to all living beings who choose to follow the precepts and cultivate samadhi all the way to wisdom

For all these things, on behalf of your monastic disciples, I want to say that we will, “try our best” to live up to your highest wishes for us, and we miss you very much.