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Rev. Heng Sure:

I am going to introduce DM Heng Lai. He is a native of Washington State of the far Northwest of America, the Cascade Mountains, and that's where he was born. And that's where he also established a monastery called Snow Mountain Monastery. Shrfu said that's where your Dharma affinities are. So this is the disciple Guo Hui, who is the returner. There's a story there. I hope you get a chance to hear that someday. So we're going to now ask our master Heng Lai to please turn the Dharma Wheel and talk about his teacher. Amitofo.

Dharma Master Heng Lai:

To the Great Assembly, To the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Venerable Masters, Amitofo. I am very happy to be here and talk to you. One thing, this is ShrFu's nirvana day and we celebrate every year and of course we can't be together now. But the one thing that I truly remember the Master more than any other thing is his compassion and his patience. The Master had a giant pool of it, I have not seen a human on the earth has so much patience and so much compassion, especially when it regards to my own person, my problems (laugh). But he was very, very patient with me and he gave me many opportunities to cultivate. This is the one thing that always sticks with me.

We were in a large assembly one time in oversea and many people came, after the lecture came to him to make offerings which is a traditional thing to do. And after several people had came and bowed to the Master, ShrFu looked at me and said, "What do you think I see when we talked to these people"? I said, "I am not sure Shrfu, I guess you just looked at the person in front of you..." "No I don't look at them, I don't look whether they were man or woman, child or an old man, old woman. I look at their Buddha's nature, that's what I am here for. I came here to make Buddhas. I have no other interests in being in this world. And all these people coming to me, I only want them to do one thing, is to see their true Buddha's nature, and cultivate the Way. Otherwise I would just quickly leave."

So this is really implanted and profound wisdom and profound compassion that he had for all living beings. This was again and again it shows itself when I was with him. He was always interested in crossing everybody over, showing them their Buddha's nature no matter who it was, whether it was outside people or inside people or whether they were cultivators or non-cultivators.

Even a salesman he would try to cultivate true nature or try to show him the true nature. So we... I have many stories about that but I don't have very much time so I will just do one quick one.

One time former Heng Yu who did the first Three Steps One Bow journey, and myself and the Master went to look at some buses to buy for .... we just acquired the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and we figured we will need a bus to get back and forth with people. So there were these buses for sale and they were being sold by an evangelistic church. So we went there and the people showed us the bus, they were very polite, very nice. The Master said "Well, what kind of a special deal could you give me?" We all practice respect and wisdom for better things. And so the person who was showing us the bus said "Well, if I can truly get you to accept Christ in your heart, then we could certainly work out a deal". And the Master said, "Oh this is no problem at all, I totally accept Christ in my heart". And the person just couldn't believe him. But no he is speaking the truth. The Master is not kidding around, he has absolutely accepted Christ in his heart as being a Bodhisattva and he truly truly believed it. They couldn't understand, they couldn't believe it, he (Master) must be doing it angling for the bus but - no, he doesn't really care about these buses, he just only cares about our true nature. This is something that I have seen over over again when I was privileged to be with him on many adventures we have been on. So that was my little story, I guess my time is up.

Rev. Heng Sure:

I can definitely verify DM Lai's story. I was raised a Methodist in Middle America but the very first catholic mass that I attended was at the Buddha Hall at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Master Hua 's vision and heart contained the universe. That's for sure.