Still Thoughts
13.  Life Is a Blank Sheet of Paper


Ø      Though grown on the same land and watered by same rainfall, every blade of grass and every tree is different.

Ø      Whenever living beings distinguish between things, they will have opinions.

Ø      Every day in my life is a blank sheet of paper, and every person and every event are all vividly written essays.

Ø      Everything in this great universe is a lesson for us to learn.  Everything is part of the dharma and moral cultivation.  Success is being willing to think, cultivate yourself an act with the utmost effort.

Ø      Now that we are born in this world, we cannot leave the collective karma.  We cannot leave society to hide from the world in our moral cultivation.  True relief is acquired in our interactions with others and in midst of our hardships.

Ø      To appreciate others is to respect oneself.

Ø      Everyone has a nature that can achieve Buddhahood.  By discovering one's own nature, one will have a concept of equality and will not make distinctions between "mine" and "yours.

Ø      If you want peace, you must first have peace of mind.  To have peace of mind, you must first act according to reason.  With reason, you will have peace of mind, and then the whole family will be at peace.

Ø      If I understand one principle, I comprehend all principles.  If I clearly comprehend all principles, know the way, and know what I am doing, then I will know myself.  The most frightening thing is not knowing who I am, because then I will be confused and worried.

Ø      We must educate and reform all living being by first behaving properly ourselves.  Living beings are indomitable, and their minds and thoughts are inscrutable. There is only one way to reform a person: be proper and sincere.  Sincerity and propriety can overcome the unyielding nature in living beings.

Ø      There are three things that we should not depend on.  First, do not depend on power.  Second, do not depend on status.  Third, do not depend on money.

Ø      Use your time well, every minute and every second.  By being practical every step of the way in this life, one will have no shame or regrets.

Ø      Do not complain that people in this world are cold-blooded, utilitarian, and unjust.  These situations are perfect opportunities for us to do something great.

Ø      Only by doing what is difficult to do, giving what is difficult to give, and accomplishing what is difficult to accomplish can be sublimate our own characters.

Ø      Reason shows us the way on the long road of life.  When one is not familiar with the terrain, one will walk the wrong road.  Thus in this life, one should study the terrain well.

Ø      The Buddha brought his teaching to the world in order to teach all living beings to return to their nature like the Buddha.  If one's character is incomplete, how can one attain Buddhahood? 

Ø      Say good things, think good thoughts, and do good deeds.

Ø      Being without culture is like being in a desert under the burning sun without an oasis.

Ø      This world is full of suffering.  Being a person is also suffering, but it is the only way to become a saint and a Buddha.

Ø      Interpersonal relations are the hardest to deal with.  However, by maintaining selflessness and unattachment in every matter, one can continue on.

Ø      Great joy means that are every moment one is happy.  Joy has no jealousy, arrogance or anger.

Ø      Personal freedom should be guided by morality.  Social freedom should be guided by law.  Otherwise everything will be too wild.  When those with great strength, greed, and power act without restraint and the mind has no recourse, then there is no freedom.

Ø      Do not let the shadow of unhappiness cover your heart.  One must radiate light and warmth, so that life will be meaningful.

Ø      The sunlight is strong, parents' love is strong, a gentleman's forbearance is strong, a common man's anger is strong.

Ø      Smiling and frowning are both facial expressions.  Cursing and talking are both utterances. Smiling looks better than frowning, and talking is more natural than cursing.

Ø      If you look at the world from a different perspective, the world has unlimited magnanimity.  If you treat people and events from a different viewpoint, everything becomes harmonious.

Ø      Usually, when there is no trouble, I treat others very nicely.  This, however, does not require any skill.  When there is trouble I am still good to others, then I have real skill.

Ø      Even if this world were just a game, one would still have to be correct and proper.  Do not be silly.  Be cautious and do not fool around.

Ø      Morality is alight for uplifting ourselves, not a whip for chastising others.

Ø      One should be practical and honest as a person.  A practical, honest person feels good.


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