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Announcement from CTTB

1. To help protect CTTB, please do NOT make offerings of any type of imitation meat products to the temple.  This includes vegetarian ham, vegetarian mutton, vegetarian pork stomach, vegetarian dried beef, vegetarian meat spread, vegetarian chicken drums, vegetarian chicken pieces, vegetarian squid, vegetarian fish ball, vegetarian shrimp ball, vegetarian stuffed intestine, vegetarian pickled & smoke chicken, vegetarian meat ball, or any product(s) with meat in the name. Please refer to the Ven.Master’s instructional talk in the Vajra Strikes book page 287 (old version) for more information on eating imitation meat.

2. To help protect the Monastic’s pure cultivation, please do NOT offer food such as candy, chocolate, cake, bread, drinks, ice cream, and other items that contain milk, butter, honey, alcohol, and whey.  Whey may contain animal by-products.

  3. To ensure that the food being served at CTTB is pure, please do not order glutinous rice dumplings that contains Veggie ham, or any other food(s), bakery items, vegetable buns, sweet buns, or pastries from shops that do not specialize in vegetarian food.  This is to help ensure that you do not buy something that may contain animal by-products or real meat in it!

Also avoid food(s) that state this on their label(s): “Made on shared equipment that also processes eggs, milk, and shellfish.”

4.  Please do NOT buy or help anyone (including Dharma Masters) to buy pizza/donuts and bakery items from outside stores or fast food chains such as: Little  Cesar’s, Pizza Hut, Sunny’s Donuts, McDonald’s and so on. Pizza sauce usually contains spices (pungent plants, onions, shallots and so on), gelatin, and cheese that contain rennet.  Rennet comes from the stomach lining of calves.

Eggs /milk or butter are usually found in cookies, bread, bagels, croissants, cakes, pies, pastries, and desserts.  Please check its ingredient before you buy them. Fast food from McDonald’s contains oil of animal origin and the McDonald's flour contains eggs.

Although Sunny’s Donuts claim they didn’t put any egg inside, but the premix donut flour itself already contain eggs from the manufacturer.

 5. The most convenient method of making food offering to the temple is by making a donation at the Main Administration Office or the Donation Department.  Please specify that it is for "Food Offering".  The Kitchen Staff can then use this donation fund to buy any food or items that they need.

 Kitchen staff (1/9/2010)

Venerable Master Hua’s instructional talk on eating imitation meat

Question:  Vegetarian fish ball, vegetarian shrimp ball, vegetarian squid, vegetarian chicken pieces, vegetarian chicken drums, vegetarian pork stomach, vegetarian dried beef, vegetarian mutton, vegetarian stuffed intestine, vegetarian ham, vegetarian meat spread, vegetarian pickled & smoke chicken are now sold on the market…although these are vegetarian foods, but they taste just like sea food and meat so that vegetarians cannot forget them…are we really vegetarians as we eat these things?

Venerable Master Hua: You’ve got to have backbone as a vegetarian!

This kind of trend in Buddhism must improve. If we don’t correct this trend, no left-home person will want to be vegetarians after a while. I believe labels such as “Chicken” and “Duck” shouldn’t even be mentioned in vegetarian dishes. I hope every Buddhist has the ability to select the right Dharma, recognize cause and effect instead of erring in cause and effect.

--Extract from “The Vajra Strikes”pg.287—