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October 5, 1973 | Friday evening, at Washington Street.

On Gentle Guidance for Laypeople

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua


Recently we’ve had many guests, including Guo Man’s son, her son-in-law, and other relatives. It’s been pleasant having them here; unfortunately, they are leaving tomorrow. I had hoped they could stay for the Opening of Light Ceremony, but they have urgent business to attend to in Argentina. They are planning to open the frontiers of Buddhism in Argentina. Those areas untouched by Buddhism are waiting for them to blaze the trail. This is important work indeed.

Professor Hsieh also left today to return to Taiwan. This time she behaved very well. Although she is given to crying, especially during partings, today she remained resolutely obedient. Her sister was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk. Although tears came to Upasika Hsieh’s eyes, her tears did not dare let them fall because she had promised me that she would definitely not cry. As it turned out, she handled herself admirably. Before she left for Taiwan, I told her to go quickly and come back quickly, and she promised to return soon.


Timely Teachings, page 187.