Saturday, November 21, 2009

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In 1992, the Venerable Master, using the idea of "Honouring all the elders as we do with our own parents, caring for all children as we do with our own child", instructed the school to hold a "Cherishing Youth Day" event in the spring, and invited the students of neighboring school, 400 of them to participate. And in the fall, the "Respecting of Elders" event was held. The elders in the town were invited to attend this event at the City of Ten Thousand Buddha. The students performed for them and wonderful delicious vegetarian dishes were served to all the guests. These two activities give the students a personal experience of the wonderful virtue of "Respecting Elders and Cherishing the Youths"; and both are received and highly accepted by the town's people in Ukiah.

"May our elders enjoy eternal health like the evergreen pines and cedars."

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