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Morning Recitation  


Shurangama Mantra  


Reciting Medicine Master Buddha


Evening Recitation

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Evening Lecture

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Morning Exercise  


Reciting Kwan Shr Yin Boddhisattva  


Dedication of Merit  



Funny Video Clips:

Wait for Me (265K)

Little Michael's Cardboard Shelter (205K)

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A Scenic View of the Pacific Ocean

Grazing Elks

A Group Picture at a Rest Area

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A Glimpse of the Smith River

Walking down to the Half-Can from the Chan Hall

Listening to the Lecture

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An Afternoon Discussion

Evening Recitation

A Group Picture 

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The Organizers

Sam trying to outstep the crawdad in the River

A Group Picture after a Walk through the Woods

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"I'm still in Saha World!"


Sushi Time!

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Andrew revealing the vege sushi

Cooking ...

A Kodak Moment

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Walking through the Woods

A Look at Oregon's Renowned Sand Dunes

Three "Firefighters" hanging onto the van loaded with passengers

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A Group Picture in the Smith River

The No Talking, No Seeing, and No Hearing Monkeys

Arlene and Kathy posing for a picture in the River

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In the Smith River

A Picture With the Whale Bone

Steve and Alice learning how to make sushi

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Lieu and Nam Cooking Away!

Deep in conversation

A Picture in front of the Windy Pacific Ocean